Forum Rules

Forum Rules, yes rules. All members are expected to follow the rules!
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Forum Rules

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Welcome to the first gen Odyssey forum.

We expect all users (including Admins & Mods) to obey the rules.

Failure to obey the rules can result in a temp or permanent ban depending on the situation.

1. Respect each other, treat someone how you'd like to be treated.
2. No illegal activity, anything posted that is illegal will be turned over to the fuzz.
3. No Spam, or explicit topics or content.
4. No trolling/griefing or drama.
5. Please follow the sub forum rules and topics.

More rules will be added as problems occur. We hope that we don't have to add more rules, please keep the forum clean and fun. Stay on topic and you shouldn't have any issues.

Thank you for joining!